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College Diaries! – Part 3

#D_19 #Day_7_of_25 brought a lot of cheer in the way of 2 non-SOELite persons who have kept me sane through the SOEL journey. #Sources_of_Sanity they have been. 😁 Cheers to someone who, from always being minutes away to being an... Continue Reading →


College Diaries! – Part 2

#22 This meme kind of summed up the ECA meeting on #Day_3_of_25. The Excellence Cultural Association was awoken from its long slumber today and the members convened for a meeting about the intra-college fest! So the Management gave the green... Continue Reading →

College Diaries!

#D_25 That long wait for the elusive train which we almost always seem to miss by a whisker 😜. Oh and the pic also lays emphasis on how we missed the holi celebrations with the Wolfpack. *Facepalm*  And the countdown... Continue Reading →

A SOELite’s Take on the Internal Exams!

Like RJ Balaji is often quoted saying, I recently had an ‘awesomatic of the aaromaley’ moment when I finished my last ever internal exams. Ever. (Unless doing a Masters programme is on the cards! Hmm!)  ‘Half a decade’ of college... Continue Reading →

Nothing Comical About It! 

A ‘Comic’, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is defined as “A periodical containing comic strips, intended chiefly for children.” My! I think that’s a little biased. How could they try to restrain the world of lively, vivid panels to... Continue Reading →

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