#D3#Day_23_of_25 signifies the ‘shipping off’ of shipping law! Also whoever knew sharing notes could establish friendships?! Well this post is a toast to a person with whom I became friends because of history notes in 2012.
– To you being the one constant factor through almost all exams at SOEL. It would have been very boring without you😇
– To being an inspiring individual who always sticks to his principles irrespective of what others say or do around him. (Not many can do that!)😎
– To you evolving from Quiet/Reserved – to – Showing your true Colors (which is Mischief Max)
– To you mostly knowing what to say to make me feel better (You’re pretty perceptive when you choose to be Ji!)
– To you also annoying the crap out of me, just coz you can!
– To almost always asking me if I had eaten food during study sessions and before proceeding to ask questions! #Ethics 😉
– To the numerous failed movie plans coz of your ‘busy schedule’ and also because you were a ditcher
– To the one movie plan which worked #Sully
– To tolerating your anti-Rajni sentiments
– To appreciating your veganism (Holy! Yaaru ya nee?) 😜
– To you being the best ever planner in all things academic
– To your trademark dialog (It will keep echoing forever. Avlodhadava ketuten 😜)
– To you being the one person I breakfasted with. That too on a Sunday. #Exception😁 (No, I just don’t do early food business. Or early anything. Ever.)
– To all the times you’ve been sweet and nice
– To all the times you made me want to punch you in the face
– To all the trolls you subject me to
– To the times we actually spoke serious ah
– To the birthdays you never remember
– To all the failed ‘Missions Annoy Shreyas’ #Mr_Thick_Skin
– To you being #Mr_Attendance 😜
– To random pulambals
– To you being #Robot 😑
– To #Tolerance on both sides 😛
– To you having encouraging things to say always
– To you almost always having listened to what I had to say/rant without interruptions
– To letting me play TT with you that one time
– To this term ‘Ji’ both of us have used excessive ah
– To memories that will be cherished
– To #Friendship❤
– NO Cheers to that goddamn K which you seem to love to use #ShreyASS