#Day_22_of_25 is an ode to 2 fellow buddies of mine who are both on a different scale of crazy than mine. This is a toast to Rom and Shrini, who along with Sober made #Life_at_SOEL what it is. Thank you guys! ❀

Cheers Rom
– To being buddies from Day 1
– To annoying each other endlessly
– To all the moots we’ve worked on!
– To all the pizzas devoured at Domino’s
– To the long but super fun walks to Mandaveli bus-stop
– To us never easily agreeing on a point
– To being poles apart but still being friends
– To us being at our talkative best near bus-stops! #Hours_Under_the_Sun
– To that crazy corruption debate
– To all the supernatural stuff πŸ‘»
– To Satyam popcorn seasoning lessons
– To the foodie bondings at MTR and Truffles
– To the mind syncing we have at times. Inappropriate times. πŸ˜›
– To the shared love of reading and poetry
– To those amazing zodiac sessions and Library funπŸ˜‚
– To all the word games we’ve played in 5 years and to those intense rounds of scrabble
– To ups and downs
– To a rollercoaster ride from 2012-2017
– To you being a good shopping partner
– To your accent And to ‘kanna’ and ‘Aathu’ oh and how could I forget ‘Bujunoo’ πŸ˜›
– To you being #Paranoid_Parimala, #Karuthu, #Otter, #Psyduck and whoa…So much more! πŸ˜‚
– To all the times you’ve been thoughtful and caring
– To #Friendship

Cheers Shrini
– To the 100’s of memes we tag each other in
– To the Ranka moot which made us friends
– To that one insane memo deadline time
– To green tea
– To the innumerable subs eaten
– To you being the best superhero fact knowing person around
– To all the times you helped out when in need
– To being Batman fans
– To the shared PokΓ©mon mania
– To you being one of the most annoying persons I’ve ever come across (That pine cone….Shabba…Worstu MSπŸ˜›)
– To some good fun at Thalaivar’s movies and that unforgettable Prasanna movie 😜
– To all the times we drooled over food
– To your epic tagging skills. #Kiddo is stuck forever you know! Thanks to you!
– To being the #Pari_Sutha_Aavi and #Nalla_Ullam
– To you being a nice guy. Consistently.
– To the sweet souvenirs you bring back from your adventures πŸ˜‰
– To the yummy food you always share
– To you being the techie guy in the group
– To that time when you put a dead worm on my desk (Nasty person!)
– To all the trolls and teasing
– To all the times you made me go “Shriinniiiiii”
– To all the chocolates you’ve given
– To us bonding over photography
– To #Friendship

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade