On #Day_24_of_25 when the exam went haywire, it’s a toast to a friend without whom life would have been a quagmire! Who would’ve thought a simple conversation about JAM would pave the way for a steadfast friendship! Here’s cheers:
– To Tantra 2014 for making us friends
– To that insane quiz where the underdogs turned champions 😎
– To all the times I kicked ass in Quizup 😜
– To all those badges we earned seriously
– To that time you took me along as a Spotter for an event #Armfest
– To you being able to sense my predicaments without me having to say anything
– To you being ‘chicken soup for the soul’😇
– To your excellent deciphering skills!
– To all the matching T-Shirts we have
– To us being Potterheads
– To some deep conversations whilst riding around in #Herbie
– To all the eating joints we’ve hogged at!
– To that psychedelic streaker incident 😂
– To you not falling off the lofty pedestal. Ever. (Wobbled maybe, but never toppled😜)
– To you being the best ever kind of support system there could be
– To the times I kinda was your wing(wo)man
– To being able to tell each other any and all kinds of things
– To hat-tricks of call bars!
– To the midnight wish (No one’s done that M!)
– To letting me play counterstrike with the gang
– To that IPL bidding event when things turned rocky
– To you being an amazing individual who always looks to be the sunshine when someone has grey clouds looming over them
– To the openness in the friendship
– To some of the best optimistic things you’ve said to me whenever the chips were down
– To all the times when you put your hardships behind and came forward to lend a helping hand
– To the times you’ve made me tear up
– To the mutual appreciation of Parashakthi chicken
– To all the encouragement you’ve provided
– To you being such a sport and making it to events
– To the crazy rants we’ve gone on
– To being able to talk without thinking
– To your gift of the gab
– To the time I was privy to your tattooing. Honoured!
– To you being game for myriad things and events coz it was me who asked. #Nanbenda
– To shared love of some fandoms!
– To you giving me respite from the trolls you subject everyone else to!
– To having just clicked in to place effortlessly M
– To you being #Narcissus_oda_Avatar 😛
– To #WWMD
– To you spreading cheer always. Even when in turmoil.
– To the times you also make me wanna throw some brick-bats your way
– To us being able to follow each other’s train of thought
– To you having taught me to ‘Never say Never’
– To priorities
– To long distance natpu (coz you are like the #Yeti in SOEL)😛
– To #North_Pole
– To #Framily
– To #Friendship
– No cheers to your incorrigible texting etiquettes!
– Also no cheers to that brooding mode which you get into apapo coz nope…Suit aagala unakku!