#Day_17_of_25 signified the end of some awesome quizzing memories in college! It was uber fun to host the #Tantra_2017 quiz #One_Last_Time. Special mention to #North_Pole for being a rock when the chips were down! 😘 #Support_System

It was amazing to have worked with some enthusiastic juniors, #Panda, #RJ, #Jeev and #Ash who were so involved in the event. ☺

Was today really the penultimate day of college life?! It sure didn’t feel like it! And seriously why does everything feel like it’s in fast forward mode?! πŸ€”

Also #Wolfpack is being steady with 100 points on the table. Some spirited doodling by #Pro_Doodler aided in the accumulation of points for the day! πŸ˜€#Awooooo🐺




T’was the last ever working day in college today! It’s been one hell of a 5 years! #Day_18_of_of_25 was so draining, physically and emotionally that my brain’s refusing to think of a write up. Phew!




The 1st day of the on stage events of #Tantra_2017 was a day to cherish! It started off with an amazing Adzap performance which turned out to be the #Winner_of_the_Hearts! 😎

The group music proved to be quite something too! I used to think that ‘Mustafa Mustafa’ is a clichΓ©d song. But it’s been nearly 2 decades and we’re still hooked on to it! Those powerful lyrics and that splendid background score by ARR…Wow! It sure does tug at one’s heartstrings! We were all truly overwhelmed!

And that spectacular group dance (theme)…Whoa! T’was a brilliant portrayal of Dussehra Celebrations! We had goosebumps! Plus the cheering that ensued was truly the best! πŸ˜‡

PS: The T-Shirt is uber-cool this time around! #Wolfpack_Never_Dies#Black_and_Gold #Awoooo🐺

#Day_19_of_25 = #Oneness #Wolfpack #Friendship

#SOEL_Saga #Half_a_Decade



The last day of the culturals had it all. Name an emotion and we could sense it or rather we would have felt it. That feeling that #Tantra_2017 is over is still sinking in. It was a mammoth task, but somehow all of us pulled it off.

There are a 100 different ways in which we think about how a particular gesture/event/action could have altered an outcome or a consequence. I do that a lot and it results in a lot of white hair springing up. So I’d suggest that it’s better not to take that route 😜

It’s been half a decade with a set of 120+ amazing individuals. I’ve experienced friendship, hate, criticism (both constructive and plain mean), a fair share of deserting, an equal share of togetherness, a sprinkle of deceit and trickery, some awesome compliments thrown my way and some baseless base statements which just ruin your day, love in various manifestations, heartache (No, I’m not referring to when all those #Murugan_Idli ghee dosas clog my arteriesπŸ˜›), anger, hurt, jealousy, kindness and care from the most unexpected places, tears of joy and of sadness, encouragement and what not. Also I’ve seen break ups and patch-ups, had misunderstandings and been misunderstood, been taken for granted and used, been appreciated for seemingly small gestures, had some person have my back always, been deciphered (Rare occasion), been clueless and kept in the dark sometimes, been the first one to know some things too. School for me was a totally different scenario. T’was a cocoon of sorts! This on the other hand was akin to being thrown amongst the wolves. And it proved to be awesome in its own way! Hehe…A wolf does belong in the pack no? πŸ˜‰ #Wolfpack_Reference

I’m unable to describe that feeling when you know… Something you’ve taken for granted all this while isn’t there anymore. It doesn’t make me weepy or happy but it makes me go like…HUH! πŸ€” Things will go on okay, we will all be cruising along just fine I’m sure. But the finality of it all sure does tug at the heartstrings a lil!

Cheers to #Friendship (Not just within the pack but with loads of inspiring, amazing seniors and enthusiastic, loveable juniors too) and a zillion memories made from 2012-2017. For me it’s always been #Moments over #Milestones, it’s not about victories, it’s not about being crowned the best, it’s not about having people sing praises and ballads, it’s about the #Human_Touch_Factor. It’s very reassuring when you know you have peeps who will have your back, no matter what.❀ Bonds with people, emotional connections with fellow humans who turn from #Random_Strangers to #Friends to #Framily, is what college is all about. That I’m sure we have in plenty! And for that…#Thank_you_SOEL!

PS: I can’t help but quote Rudyard Kipling from the Jungle Book, “The strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf!” We showed some cool maturity, great levels of tolerance, restrained aggression and our full strength and unity yesterday. Had any one of us thought otherwise it would have been chaotic. Special cheers to the #Wolfpack for being the best-u ever ❀

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade