No college + Holiday = Fun. NOT. That koala bear was us in class yesterday. #Day_13_of_25…Well 13 is a weird number. Need I say more?

In a tussle between watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and staring at too many tabs on the computer screen. The staring option won. ðŸĪ•

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade



#Day_14_of_25 was the #Last_Thursday in college! Uh ohh! Also we had the #Last_Ever_Seminar in college today, it was a sneak peek into what awaits us next!

With just a couple of hours of classes and a seminar session which followed, the day sped by real fast. The real action took place after class hours. We had the #Last_Leg_of_Selections for #Tantra_2017.

An action block kind of a debate session gave way to a very fun period of channel surfing. I was privy to some brain storming by a few of the #WolfPack‘s cultural enthusiasts!

#Karuthu is an awesome shopping partner. She really does have an eye for picking out stuff! Boring things can be made fun with the right people 😉#First_Year_to_Fifth_Year and counting!

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade



#Day_15_of_25 was slow. But some origami by #Thirunelveli_Thala brightened the day😋

But the real fun part today is #Travel_Scenes with #Anjaa_Nenjam and #Karuthu! 😁😁

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade



#Day_16_of_25 was eventful and fun! #Tantra_2017 finally kicked off and how! T’was a pot pourri of events today. We had nail art and sketching, poetry, Tamil debate and what’s the good word – so that takes care of arts, literary and the oratorical categories. There was something for everyone!

Can beautiful art be done on such a small canvas? Oh yes it can! #Nailed_Nail_Art courtesy #Aqua_Girl. And #Artsy_Anu really stepped up to the occasion and gave a tough fight to some veterans in sketching. Also #Assiduous_Akshaya did a pretty good job in debating! 😀

The topics for the poetry writing event were – ‘āŪŠāŪšāŪŋ’ and ‘Today’s Culture’ for the Tamizh and English categories respectively. I tried sounding utopic and slightly optimistic about the culture existent today – in the sense, culture is more about the thought process and way of life than superficial practices which seem to hog the limelight. Hmm!

#Wolfpack scored centuries in almost all the rounds of ‘What’s the Good Word’ courtesy #Vivacious_Voo and #Swashbuckling_Swad 😁😎

The competition was intense and we loved the enthusiasm showed by all. We just have to keep in mind to #Have_Fun_But_Keep_It_Clean! ☚ That’s one relieved Culc group after a successful Day 1. Let’s keep the momentum going folks!

PS: The ECA reps got shiny, new badges! Yay! #Simple_Pleasures

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade