If I have to sum up certain parts of the class hours of #Day_10_of_25 then it would be akin to ‘flirting with danger’. So the memes in the collage will pictorially represent the collective #Mind_Voice šŸ˜œ

This business of writing written submissions from memory (#Yeah_Right) is an alien concept which just doesn’t reach my brain. It just refuses to enter into the thick skull and enlighten the grey matter inside! #Mudiyaleengo! #Rebel_Brain

Today was a day when we had to pray to one certain ancient god, #Bullshitticus, in order to get through some tumultuous times. #Saved_by_the_BellšŸ˜‚šŸ˜œ

PS: Calvin and Hobbes be the best! He has the most apt things to say! šŸ˜‰




The day sped by too fast. #Day_11_of_25 was uneventful, coz we had no internal selections, no panic inducing presentation moments and no papers, tests. Oh wait. We did have a test šŸ˜œ#Atrocity.

Minor skirmishes gave way to debates on the happening of #Tantra_2017. Thankfully, there were no kill joy acts of any sort! The culturals is still happening! #Cooking_Without_Friction is the order of the day!

There was lunching out with friends, playing peek-a-boo with #You_Know_Who in the morning and some pleasant chit-chat and idling away of time in the classes today! This kinda sums up the day.

A rare occurrence today was spotting an #Elusive_Creature in class (during class hours and after) today. šŸ˜œ Even rarer was the fact that we travelled on the train together for the 1st time. #North_PolešŸ˜

Actually the rarest event of today would be #King_Kong_of_Ping_Pong a.k.a#Mr_Attendance missing the first hour of college for the 1st time. Ever. Holy! Also he got thittu from #You_Know_Who…Haha…This is a hashtag moment! His #Thug_Life moment šŸ˜œ

Special mention to #Nalla_Ullam a.k.a #Anjaa_Nenjam for being sweet and reminding me about the countdown post. šŸ˜‡





#Day_12_of_25 was the last official working day for #Officer a.k.a #Camouflage_Addict. This ‘one last time’ thing is really sinking in now! Gosh!

I gotta say Cheers to #Officer for many things, like …

* To being one of my earliest friends in college
* To staying in the same bench with me for 5 whole years
* To also becoming hostel mates
* To becoming immune to my craziness šŸ˜œ
* To driving me insane and keeping me sane
* To all the times we hogged at Sangeetha and Murugan Idli (those places run mainly due to us šŸ˜œ)
* To those whacky train rides. (They couldn’t have been more memorable with anyone else.)
* To those times when you texted from my phone in class coz I was too scared to do so! *Facepalm*
* To those times when you went contrary to your name – #Sober, just coz you were sleepy! Semma entertainment btw šŸ˜‰
* To that time you killed the millipede in my room (Eternal gratitude ya!)
* To all the crazy stuff we talk!
* To the fights, misunderstandings and the patch-ups!
* To ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and the ruckus we created!
* To that wild ride in the rain!
* To being that #Invisible_Person right next to me!
* To #Friendship!

Of course, #Karuthu had a huge role in this journey. Much about her later! #Constants!

(Emotional much? šŸ˜œ)

Also, we had the selections for Quiz, Trash Art and Pattimandram today…And whoa…The enthusiasm is so heartening #Wolfpack! I didn’t know we could make edible stuff out of trash. That was quite a #Popper! And a wallet from a taaza pack of juice! Wow! The rebuttals in the debate was the best! #Entertainment

Cheers to #Quizzing for always building concrete friendships in my life! And for providing a kind of a rush, every single time! #Quizzing_from_5th_Grade_to_5th_Year šŸ˜Ž

#SOEL_Saga #Half_a_Decade