#Day_7_of_25 brought a lot of cheer in the way of 2 non-SOELite persons who have kept me sane through the SOEL journey. #Sources_of_Sanity they have been. 😁

Cheers to someone who, from always being minutes away to being an entire ooru away, but has still managed to #Always be there for me. Kept me grounded. Kept it real. It’s #18_years_and_still_counting with one of the best kind of octopus there could be. #Old_is_Gold_Da πŸ˜‰πŸ˜›

On an entirely different note, I gotta say that college life has taught me something about this concept of ‘fairness.’ It made me realize that we can never expect people to treat us the way we treat them. It just doesn’t work that way. There’s always an imbalance, which kind of works for/against us, alternately. #Grey_Area#Life_Lessons

One of the most adventurous (I daresay) things in SOEL today was the ‘running fast to catch the train’ part, which left me panting for breath. #Naaku_Out moment πŸ˜›




The internal selections for the myriad events of #Tantra_2017 finally began on #Day_8_of_25. Never before has the selections for singing been this fun. It was filled with loads of good cheering, some pretty loud whistling and appreciable enthusiasm! 😁

On a day like this, one tends to not remember the antics that occur inside the classroom, but special mention ought to be made to #Don, #God_in_Human_Form πŸ˜›.

The zeal shown by the #Wolfpack today was awesome! But the day was long and the it was so darn hot. And somehow a combination of the heat, the hyper state of mind and this constant meddling with the phone during a short ride led to me not getting down at my designated station. It was a#Face_Palm moment when I realized that I missed something obvious. I seem to always have a tryst with these trains!

So. The highlight of the day – “The Pack is Back” 😎 #Awooooooo πŸ˜‚

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade



The day began with us entering into a smelly, dinghy class room. It smelled like hydrogen sulphide when we entered inside….Ugh! The odor had us reaching for deodorants and hand sanitizers at regular intervals during the first hour. It was only later did we come to know that cooking without fire selections for some other batch had taken place in our classroom the previous afternoon! Holy wow! #I_Did_Not_See_That_Coming! πŸ˜‚

It was an amazing day with the #Wolfpack☺ #Day_9_of_25 proved to be a whole lot of fun. We had full fledged selections for Dumb Charades and What’s The Good Word.

I’d given my name for both the events but participation in the same was hanging in the balance. There was the disbanding of the Dumb C team at the last minute because of prior commitments and time concerns. Also my taking part in the WtGW event was oscillating too.

So just when I decided to volunteer to be the scorer for the Dumb-C event, an impromptu team was formed randomly and just for the fun of it! It proved to be the #Best_Decision, for I realized what a fun bunch #Jolly_Good_Fellow, #Dancer_King and the others were! #We_Qualified_and_Surprised_Ourselves😎 Yayy!

WtGW was pretty cool too, for I got to participate with my #Go_To_Person. It started off with pomp, what with a superb 1st round score of 100. #Century_Da. But I realized in the Pictionary round that I kinda shouldn’t really be drawing words #Panic….That feeling of Arghhh.. damn! #Late_Realization that sketching should be left to the pros only! πŸ˜‰Still it was fun! So here’s cheers to #North_Pole who has always been game for any and all of my crazy events/ideas/things to do!#One_of_the_Bestest_Parts_of_SOEL😘😎

Special mention to this super fun team consisting of #Mark_Antony and #Maanick_Baasha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. They were super sportive! It was good to see that the entire pack could go about cheering and singing the Baasha theme song (complete with the background yodeling tooπŸ˜€) in a moment’s notice. #Spirit_of_Camaraderie came to the fore once again!

PS: Sometimes impromptu stuff can be fun. #Just_Go_With_The_Flow_Sometimes

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade