This meme kind of summed up the ECA meeting on #Day_3_of_25. The Excellence Cultural Association was awoken from its long slumber today and the members convened for a meeting about the intra-college fest!

So the Management gave the green signal for Tantra 2017 and we were all like..’Good news’ but they also added a clause where the entire committee has to sign an undertaking where we take up ‘full’ responsibility for the smooth conduct of the events. So if something goes wrong, the concerned year rep would be in a soup. They won’t give TC/promotion certificates aama! And we were like…’Bad news.’ 😜

But the eternal optimists we were/are, we’ve ‘joyfully’ signed the undertaking.

And like a certain talented, mischievous junior termed it…there were also some really good ‘transformation scenes’. It was heartening to see him rise up to the occasion and efficiently aid in handling the entire meeting. Our seniors would be both totally surprised and very proud. He’s travelled a long way from being someone akin to Peeves the Poltergeist to the Rules Ramanujam type person he was today (Nah… That’s stretching it a bit too far!😜 *Hyperbole alert*) But Kudos #Treasurer😊

The President, the #Birthday_Babe spread her cheery optimism to all those present, calmly countered some brashness thrown our way and made sure we were off to a great start! ☺

Also, there was some #Thug_Life in class today. We did some documentation by indulging in a replication of digital content involving a certain #Release_Deed whilst being seated in the 1st occupied row in class. Said documentation was meant to be an examination of a person’s proficiency 😜 Ahh…Those things to finally have been ticked off the college bucket list! #Ulpa_Sandhoshams

PS: The Culturals is really happening… ‘one last time.’ #Go_WolfPack#T_17#Shoot_for_the_moon_we_will_land_amongst_the_stars #SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade




Well, it was a ‘glass is half-empty’ kind of a #Day_5_of_25!

Some of the high points were when a certain #Thirunelveli_Thala did some transcriptions. It was hilarious when he read it out to us later. #Ocean#Too_Much_Mischief #Survival_Stories

It was also a day of impromptu presentations due to late realisations, courtesy #Presentation_Pro 😁 and like a certain someone would term it, a ‘performance’ by #Chellakutti #Anjaa_Nenjam 😜

3 hours. 30 events. 300 suggestions later. Well, honestly, I was Hungry. #ECA_Meeting #Nextu_Restu #Ippovae_Kanna_Kattudhey 😜

It was also a day where I realized people change, a lot. Each day passes by without much of a difference/impact, but something happens, something changes. Phew!

PS: Special mention to a good orator who strived hard to deliver a lecture despite umpteen number of distractions. #Kadamai_Unarchi#One_Smack_Would_Have_Done_The_Trick. Just saying!

PS (again): Never get into an argument/fight when hungry. A full, happy stomach provides a whole different set of emotions, solutions, mind set to tackle a particular issue. #Life_Lessons

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade



On a day when we received our excise tax internal papers, we still managed to be this cheery and pose for pictures coz the enthusiasm for #Tantra_2017 is catching on and the #Wolfpack is buzzing! 😁

More impromptu presentations ensued today! But all’s well that ends well! #Minor_Beedhi_Moment

Oh. Also special mention needs to be made to #45_Aanh_in_15_Minutes. (‘Aanh’ here sounds like the starting of the song in Chandramukhi which goes like…”Aanh Aanh Annanoda Paatu”) Will this record be broken? We have to wait and watch ma. #Ocean 😜

Well, the day had its share of ripples. But sometimes a lil friction is okay, we aren’t all the Buddha no? So like Elsa in ‘Frozen’ would say…#Let_It_Go ❄

#Day_6_of_25 made me realize that all of us are ‘fruit loops’ in a way, some loopier than the others. 😋

PS: For someone who is unfazed by the Hashtag countdown posts, #King_Kong_of_Ping_Pong ‘s use of ‘#’ has become pretty creative. Wow Da! 😁

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade