That long wait for the elusive train which we almost always seem to miss by a whisker 😜. Oh and the pic also lays emphasis on how we missed the holi celebrations with the Wolfpack. *Facepalm* 

And the countdown begins for the end of college life. Goddamn SOEL – Never in my wildest dreams did I think you’d make me schmaltzy. I can’t believe I’m saying this..but damn, JUST 24 more working days left. 😮

PS: Hostel rules are way too strict in the college. A trip down there increases the pulse rate romba!  #Kashta_Kaalam

PS (again): If you think that the light at the end of the train tracks is leading towards college….You’re mistaken 😂😋

#Day_1_of_25 #SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade #Mixed_Emotions #CollegeDiaries


I’m just realising that if I add the words ‘one last time’ before any event or happening or random occurrence, it makes it more dramatic. So with this new found realization, I have to say, today was #Day_2_of_25 and we received our semester exam mark sheets for ‘one last time.’ See, it makes us feel for marksheets laam no? 😜

The day was packed with trolls, boredom, some action towards the end and some ‘performances’ (IE. Just presentations but…Some people like to hype it up this way!) 

PS: This post is a special dedication to the Dare-devil Sowparnika (Jumping of buildings and all..Pah) and to Class Don, Anjaa Nenjam, Rep for 5 years – Engal Annan – Tellakula Shriniketan _/\_ Oh and also a certain neon green bag which caused some flurry in class for a while! 

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade


It was an exceptionally dreary day in college and many of us were racking our grey matter for the countdown post today. The probable content for the post itself was a subject matter of hilarity in the class…What with every other happening becoming contenders for the slots in today’s post. 

Some arguments on sensitive subjects and some brashness in class, distribution of exam application forms, a discussion about the answer key which left us all thinking if we will scrape through….Coz it looked like the infernal internals was going to haunt us….Kind of summed up the day. 

So it was with just this that the day in college ended. But #Day_3_of_25 was about to become a whole lot colourful. Like literally. 

Thanks to Shrini, Rom and Sowp who decided to bring the holi party to the hostel in order to ensure I didn’t miss out on Holi 2017. They relied on the “Better late than never” philosophy – and it was incredibly sweet on their part to have decided to do this. Merci beaucoup mon amies! This means a lot! :*

It truly was a cool surprise. I totally didn’t see this coming! The day had a “Whatttey Changeover” feel to it. 

The Quadro Formaggio Pizza deserves mention because #MNC #Trade #Economical_Risk #Oh_But_We_Were_Really_Hungry 😛

PS: I don’t think we should ever take the time we spend with friends for granted! #Late_Realizations

#SOEL_Saga #Half_A_Decade