The Piquant Diplomat

From the eyes of an apprentice! 

*Long, billowing black robes, narrow and dark corridors, numerous staircases and steps, some steeples, brick towers, chambers* Do these words transport your mind to the Harry Potter universe? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, I was just listing out the... Continue Reading →


The Might of Baahubali

​That movie that has been smashing records (And I’m referring to any imaginable record possible that is related to the silver screen industry!) is what has made me, amongst plenty of others, sit up and contemplate why it is as... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – The Finale Post

#D_25 T'was a day like any other. Like it's been all this while for half a decade. There was nothing different. It seemed like just another last day of the semester exams. Was today really the last ever day of... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – Post Toast 3

On #Day_24_of_25 when the exam went haywire, it's a toast to a friend without whom life would have been a quagmire! Who would've thought a simple conversation about JAM would pave the way for a steadfast friendship! Here's cheers: -... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – Toast Post 2

#D3 - #Day_23_of_25 signifies the 'shipping off' of shipping law! Also whoever knew sharing notes could establish friendships?! Well this post is a toast to a person with whom I became friends because of history notes in 2012. Cheers: -... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – Toast Post 1

#D4 #Day_22_of_25 is an ode to 2 fellow buddies of mine who are both on a different scale of crazy than mine. This is a toast to Rom and Shrini, who along with Sober made #Life_at_SOEL what it is. Thank... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – Part 6

#D_9 #Day_17_of_25 signified the end of some awesome quizzing memories in college! It was uber fun to host the #Tantra_2017 quiz #One_Last_Time. Special mention to #North_Pole for being a rock when the chips were down! 😘 #Support_System It was amazing... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – Part 5

#D_13 No college + Holiday = Fun. NOT. That koala bear was us in class yesterday. #Day_13_of_25...Well 13 is a weird number. Need I say more? In a tussle between watching 'Beauty and the Beast' and staring at too many... Continue Reading →

College Diaries! – Part 4

#D_16 If I have to sum up certain parts of the class hours of #Day_10_of_25 then it would be akin to 'flirting with danger'. So the memes in the collage will pictorially represent the collective #Mind_Voice 😜 This business of... Continue Reading →

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